Sometimes clients prefer to convert their premises’ flat roof into a pitched roof in order to enhance the building’s security or for aesthetic reasons.

In these situations, BBR Roofing are the perfect choice of specialist contractor as we have extensive knowledge in this area and have successfully delivered a number of roof conversions of this type for our clients.

Flat to Pitched Roof Conversions

In flat to pitched conversion projects, virtually any type of pitched roof outer covering can be utilised, from traditional slate to profiled metal tiles, but a critical factor in this type of conversion work is the design and installation of a suitable sub-structure to support the chosen roof covering.

The supporting structure must not only be adequate to carry the new pitched roof weatherproofing but must also be securely fixed to the existing building structure, and be able to resist any anticipated wind loads. The structure of the existing building must also be checked to ensure that it is capable of supporting the new style of roof construction.

BBR Roofing have successfully completed several flat-to-pitch roof conversions, working closely with specialist designers, engineers and manufacturers, to provide structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing pitched roofs.

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